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Applications Monetization enabling in-app purchases enabling Flurry analytics enabling AdMob advertising. You can even take a cut of every match that occurs. After all, many of the people trying to find matches on your website are going to be sitting on the train home from work and flipping through the options. We also like themes with some sort of communications system, where you can manage users from the backend and give them the ability to shoot messages back and forth.

Some of the themes have certain buttons for liking or poking other people, and you can customize your profiles to specify what type of people you would like to be matched with. Along with various other features like translation files and unlimited colors, we also like it when the developer offers quality support. Although some dating sites are more playful and fun, most users take their dating lives seriously.

Everything is fully editable on the backend, so you can change around post types and page formats, all with the click of a button. You may have a site written in English, but some of your visitors speak only Spanish. In this case, the translation files do their job well.

MatchMaker – Matchmaking WordPress Theme

The shortcodes help out with making lists, buttons, columns and tabs, all without having to touch a single line of code. Basically, you can generate a shortcode and copy it anywhere you want on the site. Use the built-in theme customizer for the ultimate way to modify custom typography and sliders. The theme is not necessarily setup to run as a dating site, but it has all the tools for you to set it up that way. It integrates with the BuddyPress plugin, providing beautiful features for users to make profiles, talk to each other and write on walls.

The theme is WooCommerce compatible for collecting payments, and it offers a solid infrastructure for designing your brand and adjusting colors and fonts. Quite a few demos are packaged into the theme, making it more of a multipurpose solution. Therefore, you can actually choose from a few dating demos that expedite the entire process for you.

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In addition, you receive a tutorial integration for learning how to design your website and get it launched within a reasonable period of time. The new importer runs nicely for bringing in the demos of your choice, and the full-width header option allows for high-resolution images with some overlaying elements. We like the header for a call to action or a means of explaining to people what your dating site is all about.

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The login and register shortcode forms speed up the process of getting people logged into your site Basically, you only need to copy a shortcode to include a login form anywhere on your website. Then, folks can punch in their login credentials to move forward into the dating site.

Dating Website Templates | SkaDate Dating Software

Feel free to generate up to five columns on your site. WhatsApp and LinkedIn sharing expands your reach to people who are on other networks. We particularly enjoy the WhatsApp sharing, since getting a date is a little easier when you can send a message directly to a phone. New button and color types improve your branding, while the carousel shortcodes make your dating site more visual with little thumbnail images and lightboxes.

The key element in the theme is the BuddyPress integration.


This is ideal for dating sites because users have their own timelines where other people can follow along and see which dates they would like to go on. The timeline, grid and list view have multiple uses, while the custom post creator is great for your blog.

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Create galleries, portfolios and maps, and use these for helping people find out where their dates are going to be. A frontend content submission tool runs through your blog, where you can moderate which of the content actually gets published on the blog. However, the main reason users will flock to your dating site is because they can interact on social media themselves. For example, anyone can generate their own profile and upload images and details about their own lives.

The login and registration forms keep out intruders, but they are also essential for establishing a decent route for users to start making their profiles. We would like to specify that this is more of a social sharing template.

For example, pairing up with other people is not exactly available. However, you can generate a more unique dating environment where people can come on and share thoughts, ideas, photos and other information from their lives.

Want more beauty?

Several shortcodes are there for items like pricing tables, tabs and information boxes. LoveStory is a perfect choice for any dating website or a community that includes additional features extending functionality. Implement membership fees, allow users to send virtual gifts, use the chat system, and more.

User profiles allow members of your community to include all their relevant information along with their profile photo and they can even initiate chat and send a gift to other members. Live Chat notifications are available throughout the website so your visitors can receive them even when they are not on their profile page.