Are you ready for the difficulties of balancing your friendship on one side with your romance on the other? When this romance terminates, will you and your friend still be able to be friends? Will she blame you for hurting her brother?

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Will you blame her for interference? You need to discuss this with your friend if you intend to remain friends. And you need to weigh her friendship against your crush on her brother. You might want to mention her attraction to your brother. Will your infatuation fade?

Or can it stand up to the pressures all around you? The proper way to go about this is to ask your best friend how she feels about it. Some will be ok with and some won't. The significance's of asking her first is that your showing her the respect a best friend should. True best friends are hard to come by in this life and if she thinks its weird then back off, there are always more guys out there. Why do you have to tell your friend.

A relationship is between two people, not any more than that. Talk to him, if you guys end up going out, you can answer your friend's questions later. You're not being immature. The way you're thinking about this shows concern for others. There's no law against dating your friend's brother.

It's not common as a custom but it's not rare either. If you don't take risks, you'll never know what might have been. Related Questions Date a friend's brother? I don't know what to do,seeing as he is my best friends brother and they don't seem to get on very well most of the time.

Dating best friend's brother yahoo

I'm scared that if we did get together then it would be awkward between me and my friend and we would drift apart. I don't know what to do,please help. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? I had a similar situation to this, I'm a guy so it was my buddies sister, we all go out together regularly, to parties. And we are all around , she is a pretty attractive girl so a lot of guys attempt to get with her at the clubs, I know my mate hates it when he sees his sister with random guys, as would I with my sister, so on these nights out I sort of protect her from these guys, I'm 6,1 and muscular so I can intimidate more than my mate at 5,9.

If any guy pushes onto her and she doesn't look comfortable I will intervene and the guy always backs off.

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So after a few months of watching out for her I realised that we really hit it off. I knew I had to talk it over with my buddy first, his point of view was that he would be ok with me dating her as I would look out for her and not break her heart, he would much rather me with her than a random person.

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Point of the story is you have to build up trust and show to your friend that you really do care for him, not just for a fling! Always consult her before making a move but she should trust you enough to be ok with it! You can't help how you feel. Yes he's your best friends brother it it shouldn't matter.

I've had a similar experience although it was my mums friends son and we'd been friends for 2 years before we got together. Tell your friend how you feel about her brother and let her know that if you did get together that it won't stop you from seeing her and spending time with her.


Just go and tell him what you feel for him!!!! So she will definitly understand your feelings! But if your best frnd has a very sensitive nature then you must just inform her about it! Look i'm telling inform not ask her what she thinks about it "!!!! There are times in life where you need to be a little selfish! Just explain to your best friend what's happening, and as long as you give a lot of attention to your best friend it should be good: Talk to your friend about it.

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